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Prada Sale
Vintage Bicycle Parts at
vintage bicycle parts
Vintage Bicycle Parts

Fax: (734) 426-4336


We have a few remaining super deals on framesets:

51 cm. SOMA Riv. San Marcos lugged 650b frameset in Pearl Blue (last model year's color) is $350 off - $600 prepped and shipped in the USA.


New Heron Sportif framesets are coming soon!







(site last updated November 24, 2014 - Fall is quickly turning to Winter here!)

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Vintage Campagnolo
We carry NOS Campagnolo NR/SR headsets, bottom brackets, cranksets, pedals, brakesets, derailleurs, hubs, seatposts, and more. "Why pay outrageous eBay prices?"

Brooks Saddles
Bicycle Classics is a long-term seller of Brooks saddles and bags. More Info...


Product Categories

If you are at all interested in vintage lightweight bicycles (you don't even have to be as geeky as we are!), check out It's a fabulous website chock full of vintage lightweight bike information and pictures. It is the premiere Website worldwide for vintage lightweight info. and chat. See their Resources page as well, for info. on restoration services.

A newsletter about classic lightweight steel road bikes (French and other), randonneuring, and cyclotouring. Visit the Bicycle Quarterly web site.

Contact Information

Bicycle Classics LLC
8820 Jackson Road
Dexter, MI 48130

Fax: (734) 426-4336
e-Mail: gpvb1(at)comcast(dot)net

Please note:

E-mail is by far the best way to reach us - it's quick, and we can accept PayPal (which is the preferred method), a check, or a Money Order as payment. Please see the Ordering Info. page for more details.

We answer all non-spam e-mails, except valuation requests or questions relating to non-lightweight bikes. (To establish value, we recommend searching eBay for similar items that have sold recently with the aid of good, clear photos). If you don't receive a response to your legitimate e-mail, you may have a spamblocker or filter of some kind that needs to be adjusted!

We also don't know anything of significance about balloon-tired bikes, muscle bikes, mountain bikes, Campy parts newer than about 1987, index shifting, clipless pedals, or repainting / re-decaling bikes, sorry.... :-)



(chief geek, mechanic, CEO, and stockboy)

A note from the owner:

I purchased a fairly dormant Bicycle Classics in 2003 not for 'mercenary' reasons, but to escape the Corporate world after twenty-plus years, help fill a need that I felt was largely going unmet, and, hopefully, to have a much cooler job. This is a real LLC that pays real taxes, insurance, legal fees, banking fees, NBDA dues, etc., etc. Bicycle Classics will never be very profitable, but that's OK by me. Our 'mission statement' is very narrowly-focused. We don't manufacture things ourselves (yet!), or sell anything made of carbon fiber, or that was made in China. We sell top-quality items with craftsmanship and lasting value. If we can survive, and help a few more folks keep their vintage 'old-skool' skinny-tired road and track bikes rolling along smoothly and safely each year, I'll be very happy. Additionally, at least five percent of the sales of this business (not of the profits, which can be 'cooked' to come out any way you want) go to worthy organizations such as: Doctors Without Borders (MSF), KIVA ZIP (a major Microloan underwriter), Keep a Child Alive (an Anti-Retroviral Medication provider), and Food Gatherers (the #1 rated Food Bank in the USA). Food Gatherers just happens to be right near Dexter, in Ann Arbor, Michigan, which AARP recently voted America's healthiest city for old folks like me, and Forbes Magazine even more recently voted the fourth most liveable city in the USA....



P.S.: I am always looking for more cool (and appropriate) vintage-themed bike parts to stock. Suggestions / requests are always welcome!


Note: NOS means "New, Old Stock." These are parts that are new and unused, but are out of production. (Contrary to what you might see on eBay, NOS does not mean Nice Old used Shyte)! All items for sale on this Website are either new (current production) or N.O.S. unless otherwise specified.

Now available - Brooks seat bags!

We have both the "Challenge" and "D-Shaped" models, in Black and Honey, as well as the awesome Tool Roll. Please see the Saddles Page for details. These are really beautiful bags!!!


Now available - Brooks mudflaps (for front or rear mudguards)!

These are nicely embossed, coordinate with the saddles, and include attaching hardware. Available in black, honey, and brown.

SDSP-BLM, 24.00

(Sold out)! - NOS Raysport "Super Corsa" full-531 vintage framesets!


Stay tuned for more (current, but retro-themed and USA-made) silver-brazed, lugged steel, NOS Reynolds 531-tubed, non-oversized Heron framesets - due in 2015. Prototypes are undergoing real-world testing currently, and the design is firming up. Please check our Heron Bicycles division's website soon at for further details. Should we go with Silver and Red, Silver and Blue, or Red and Blue, as the two color options? Let us know your thoughts!!


Now available! USA-made cotton bar tape!

We now have many colors of Newbaum's cloth bar tape. These are very high-quality earth-friendly products, and each roll is 45 cm. longer than Tressostar's tape (305 cm. vs. 260 cm.) so you can wrap really wide bars with just two rolls of this tape. Price is 45.00 for ten rolls, the same as the French Tressostar/Velox. So far, we have black, white, red, orange, yellow, gray, pink, medium blue, dark blue, Herse blue, Bianchi Celeste, and eggplant. Try it!! We have had much positive feedback on this excellent-looking USA-made product.



Now available - IRD Defiant track cranksets (vintage Campagnolo Record Pista copies)!

These are nicely made clones of the old 144 mm BCD Campagnolo Record track cranks, and are available in 165, 167.5, and 170 mm lengths, with a 46-tooth chainring for a 1/8" chain. Silver in color. 149.00



Now available - new Sun XCD Touring derailleurs, front and rear!

These are very nicely made long-cage derailleurs (rear has a 34-tooth max., front has a 16-tooth max. capacity). Rear is 109.00, matching front is 69.00. Matching downtube shifters are also available, which will index for 7/8-speed or go friction. See Derailleurs page for more details.



NOS Robergel "Trois Etoiles" Stainless Steel double-butted 15/16/15 spokes still available!

These are currently available in 305 mm length. They are NOS in the oh-so-retro-cool yellow triangular box, 100 spokes per box. Includes 100 nipples. Top of the line!

SPK-RTE305, 59.00/box of 100 (or buy 3 boxes for 150.00) . Some other lengths are now available, but in the 75-spoke boxes, for 49.00/box, or 3 boxes for 120.00

Note: Typically, 305 mm works for large-flange vintage Campagnolo or equivalent hubs, 36-hole, laced four-cross, with most 700C rims.

Note: we also have some NOS chrome-plated double-butted spokes (typically Berg-Union of Germany) in several other lengths, in 100-packs, for the same price as the Trois Etoiles 100-packs (49.00). Please inquire. All spokes include the OEM nipples.

Vintage Reynolds 531 standard-gauge double-butted tubesets still available!

These are NOS from 1974, and were properly stored indoors after being coated with Cosmolene, so there are no condition problems. Includes all eleven tubes to build a road frameset. Top tubes are .8/.5/.8, seat tubes are .8/.5, down tubes are .9/.6/.9 mm. Fork blades are the early "Imperial Oval" (29 x 16) size, are about 370 mm long, and are pre-raked for about 40 mm of finished fork offset, but can be raked further. Chainstays are round-oval-round, non-indented, 22 mm at the BB end. We are currently the 531 tubing supplier to several framebuilders around the world that produce some great frames with brand names like Heron, Toei, Grand Bois, and several others that wish to remain anonymous.

Item # FTS-E531SET (please specify):

Small (180 mm steerer),

Medium (220 mm steerer), or

Large (260 mm steerer).

Full 11-piece NOS tubesets: 299.00/set

(Limit of two sets per customer)


Note: All orders include the NOS tubing decals at no charge (A 29.00 value per set).

(For Prugnat type "S" pressed and welded lugsets (3 pcs.) plus a (very basic) BSC BB shell, add 35.00. For a Campagnolo #1060 vertical dropout set (4 pcs.), add 25.00. For a basic road fork crown, add 30.00. For Campagnolo above-BB braze-on cable guide pair, add 10.00. For all of the above, plus a pair of shifter braze-ons, a pair of water-bottle braze-ons, top tube brake cable braze-ons (3), a chainrest braze-on, and a braze-on chainstay stop, add 80.00 for 'the works').

(The decal sets are the early, 1965-1977 pre-TI era "Reynolds Tube Co. Ltd." ones. They are the genuine NOS Reynolds dry-fix "transfers." They should always be applied over the final clear coat) . These are also available separately for $29.00/set of three.

NOS forged Campagnolo adjustable road dropouts (full sets of four, with adjusters) are also available for 69.00/set. We have the 1010/B (short, no eyelets), and the 1010/A (long, no eyelets) versions in stock currently. Model 1010 sets (long, with eyelets) are sometimes also available, please inquire.

Now available! High-quality reproduction NR/SR rear derailleur pulleys by SOMA!

These are like the originals, but without any logo, CNC'ed, and black in color. Complete sets (8 pieces total, pulleys/sleeves/sideplates).

RDSP-SRPUL, 30.00/set.

Now available! Water bottle cages and mounting brackets!

We have the Nitto R-Model and T-Model brazed Stainless steel cages, modern (not vintage, sorry!) TA chromed steel cages, and more. Please see the Accessories and Hardware page for details.

Now available! Phil Wood and Soma track cogs in 1/8" width!

The Phil hardened stainless cogs are gorgeous. The black-oxide treated SOMA cogs look more "vintage." Both are very high quality. Pricing is 54.00 for the Phil, and 19.00 for the SOMA. Available in 15-20 teeth.

TG-PWCOG, 54.00 ea.

TG-SOCOG, 19.00 ea.


Now available! The best Rivendell, Grand Bois, Challenge, Panaracer, Vittoria, and Veloflex 700C, 650B, and 27-inch tires! No goofy tread colors, no weird sidewall colors!!!

We have the Rivendell Roll-y Poly 700 x 27 and Jack Brown 700 x 33 (Green) tires for 50.00 each, as well as the Grand Bois 700 x 26, 700 x 28, and 700 x 32 tires for 57.00 each. Some 'Extra Leger' GB 700 x 23, 700 x 26, and 700 x 28 are also available for 76.00 each. We have the Rivendell Ruffy-Tuffy and Roll-y Poly 700 x 27 tires also, for 50.00 each.

We also stock the Panaracer Pasela folding Tour Guard in 27 x 1-1/4, 27 x 1-1/8, 700 x 28, 700 x 32, and 700 x 35 sizes (35.00 each, or 2/65.00). The wire-bead Paselas are available in 27 x 1, 27 x 1-1/8, 27 x 1-1/4, and 700 x 32, for 22.00 each.

The Panaracer 650B x 38 Col de la Vie tires are also available for 24.00 each, as well as the Rivendell Maxy Fasty 650B x 34 for 50.00 each, and the Pacenti Pari-Moto 650B x 38 for 55.00 each, or 2/100.00. We also have the Grand Bois Hetre 650B x 42 in the red (tread) for 59.00 each, as well as the Compass 559 x 47 (26 x 1.50 inch) tires for 57.00 each.


Now available! "The Golden Age of Handbuilt Bicycles" coffee-table book!

This is a very fine 167-page large-format hardcover book containing a not-so-brief history of "constructeur" (fully-integrated) bikes from 1900 to the present. There are many museum-quality photos of all kinds of top-notch hand-made randonneuring bicycles and tandems. Fifty such bikes, from the workshops of René Herse, Alex Singer, Barra, Reyhand, Hirondelle, Goëland, Gilles Berthoud, and many others, are profiled. These are the First edition, printed in France, with a real cloth binding, and are now unavailable elsewhere. Just a few copies remain.

BK-GAHB, 125.00 ea.


Now available! "The Competition Bicycle" coffee-table book!

This is a very fine 176-page large-format hardcover book containing profiles of 34 racing bicycles dating from the 1880s to the 1990s. There are many museum-quality photos of all kinds of top-notch hand-made racing bicycles and tandems. Bikes from the workshops of De Rosa, Colnago, René Herse, Bianchi, Cinelli, Rochet, Peter Weigle, Oscar Egg, and many others, are profiled. Bikes that were actually raced by riders like Fausto Coppi, Gino Bartali, Eddy Merckx, Greg LeMond, Alice B. Toeclips, Andy Hampsten, Sean Kelly, Tony Rominger, and many others. This is the companion book to the Golden Age of Handbuilt Bicycles.

BK-TCB, 50.00 ea.


Now available! "Rene Herse - The Bikes, The Builder, The Riders" coffee-table book!

Jan Heine's new masterwork about Rene Herse is just stunning. Many years in the making, this huge book was painstakingly researched and is brilliantly written and organized. The massive quantity of vintage black-and-white and color photographs is awesome, all by itself, but the book really delves into the man and his creations in a thorough and logical manner. With Herse coming from an early aerospace machinist's background, it is now more obvious (to me, anyways) why his products were so thoroughly engineered, well-thought-out, and flawlessly executed. Bravo!

BK-RH, 85.00 ea.


Now available! SKF super-durable high-quality cartridge bottom brackets from Germany!

We now have the new bottom brackets from the wizards at SKF (Tullio Campagnolo always spec'ed their bearings, even though they were not an Italian company, because they were the best!). These were designed from the ground up, using a roller bearing on the drive side, stainless steel almost everywhere, large ball-bearings on the non-drive side (that run directly on the spindle), and sturdy seals. Life expectancy is ten years or 100,000 Km for these BBs. Various lengths, mostly BSC, but some Italian-thread and French-thread options as well. These are 139.00 - 159.00 complete. See our Bottom Brackets page for details.





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